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WG ELECTRONICS Sp. z.o.o.   ul. Modzelewskiego 35, PL 02-679 Warszawa   T: +48 22 847 97 20   E:
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We introduce our new web. We have changed its’ principles, image and the way of operation. We have applied some original solutions that we hope you will accept and like them.

We quitted the typical marketing tricks. We don’t want to affect with aggressive pictures, to obtrude ourselves with aggressive slogans, to attack you with unexpected information. Our customers are the highest class professionals. So we don’t usurp ourselves the rights, that we know better what you need. We want to deliver essential information, that you expect and as it is defined in our motto – to support your activities with our and ours’ partners technology, knowledge and experience.

So, our web should:

We hope that at least partly we achieved our goal. We also know that it’s not enough to develop even the best web once and to rest on a laurel. We will do our best to supplement and update our web continuously, to evaluate it - although in the past with this there was variously.

We appreciate your comment and suggestions.

Team of WG Electronics