Component Packing Solutions

AMTEC.PRO offers a full range of component packaging in tapes solutions, from basic equipment to custom machines for both manual and automatic processes.

Portfolio includes:

The subject of packing small elements in tapes has appeared in a context of searching effective method to deliver electronic components for automatic assembly on pick & place machines. It was naturally extended to bigger parts as modules and small mechanical elements as for example connectors or tin elements. Now a days, when automatic productions is dominant, packing in tapes becomes more and more popular also outside electronic production.

AMTEC.PRO main customers are not only semiconductor vendors. Their equipment are rather applied in widely understood automation as follows:

  • in off-line services for example while programming or testing of integrated circuits when components have to be packed to tapes for farther automatic assembly after an operation is finished
  • in repacking components from tubes or trays to tapes to increase efficiency of pick & place machines on automated production lines
  • everywhere, where is a need to pack small size elements like electronic components or modules, mechanical parts, connectors etc. to allow farther automated assembly

AMTEC.PRO offers also customized solutions and specialized equipment for automated production lines on customers order.

All who want to pack something for farther automated assembly are welcome.


AMTEC.PRO, the company established in 2003, is based on prior knowledge and experience gained using carrier tapes and equipment in the process of packaging of electronic components. Basic area of activity is the production of carrier tapes, machines for automation of production and embedded electronic control units. Particular expertize lies in the equipment for packaging into carrier tapes where all the activities are intertwined. All the needs about products regarding packaging into carrier tapes are met with AMTEC.PRO manufacturing and sales programme. Customized solutions are domain of our partner.

AMTEC.PRO is paving the way to becoming the leading European manufacturer of equipment and products for packaging in carrier tapes. Knowledge, ability, innovation, diligence, and ingenuity – these are arguments staying behind our partner. With the the short time of project implementation and fast equipment delivery, they provide about competitiveness on the market. Together we can meet any kind of challenge – where packing in carrier tapes is a part of the process.