VP45/60/80 Vacuum Sealer

Professional desktop vacuum sealer used in the electronics industry for hermetically packing of electronic components in antistatic bags.

A nozzle used in it, after sucking the air is pull out from the bag and the heating stamp permanently welds bag’s edge along entire length. This operation proceeds automatically under the operator control. The user can select one of the eight available operating modes via the foil keyboard of the equipment. At the same time he has 25 preset memories, which allows to quickly restore settings for individual repetitive tasks. The messages are presented on the alphanumeric display and the machine status is indicated by LEDs.

The sealer also has an option of filling the package with gas. It can be applied in other branches of industry for example in the food industry.

The sealer depending on the maximum width of sealed bags is offered in three variants – 450, 600, 800 mm.