Industrial Device Programming Systems
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BPM Microsystems, the world leader in industrial programming systems, has introduced a new high-performance machine to the market. BPM 310 is the latest 10th generation programmer, which can program up to 48 devices in parallel with the maximum performance of the X-Y manipulator - 1432 devices per hour. The CyberOptics Laser Camera optical system mounted directly on the Pick & Place head allows you to precisely correct the position of the programmed device on the feeder nozzle and place them precisely in the socket. It also uses the award-winning WhisperTeach technology for precise vertical positioning of the system feed head. Both of the applied solutions significantly increase the life of the ZIF sockets. BPM 310 provides full support for UFS, eMMC, MCU, NAND & serial Flash at incredible speeds.


BPM Microsystems offers a full line of universal device programmers, which include:

Programmers are designed to meet all requirements from low volume to high volume production by providing starting from 8th Generation equipment industry-leading Vector Engine® BitBlast technology that delivers flexibility, rich features and unbeatable performance. All products are backed with a total support program including technical support and regular software updates.

To help get the latest designs to market faster, all BPM’s engineering and production programmers use the same algorithms. All are also supervising by a standard powerful control software.

BPM Microsytems offers free software support for the whole lifetime. With BPWin, the customer has access to new algorithms and powerful software tools like API, serialization and JobMaster™. Jobmaster™ allows users to easily set up, save and securely transfer job information and programming data between facilities around the country or around the world.

The offer is suplemmented with a wide range of accessories.

Available socket modules provide an electro-mechanical interface between device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield. The big advantage of the BPMs solution is receptacle interface between the PCB and the socket – middle socket that allows to replace only the individual consumable socket once it reaches its useful life. This reduces a socket replacement costs by as much as 75 percent.

Some available accessories simplify programming operations and make programming process with BPM equipment more efficient.

All equipment, also obsolete products, are covered with professional technical support.

ABOUT BPM Microsystems

BPM Microsystems, founded in 1985, is the leading global supplier of manual and automated programming systems, serving the semiconductor and electronics industries. Headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Houston, Texas. With local sales provided by a global distributor network BPM is spanning more than 57 countries. Since the beginning, BPM’s products set the standards in the industry. Between others BPM introduced to the market the quickest flash programming technology Vector Engine® BitBlast So now BPM offers the most efficient industrial high volume programming systems with the lowest programming cost per device. BPM’s team of device support engineers works with over 190 semiconductor manufacturers to continuously add new certified algorithms, to provide what customers need.