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Single Module Adapter "open-top" type

Single Module Adapter "clam-shell" type

Double Module Adapter

Socket Adapters are the electro-mechanical interface between the programmable semiconductor device and the programmer. ELNEC offers a substantial number of socket modules to support thousands of devices in different packages from different semiconductor manufacturers. New socket module designs are continuously added and can be developed quickly to meet your programming needs.

To select correct adapter for particular need we recommend to select device type in control software. Build-in help will suggest the right solution.

Please note that all adapters offered by ELNEC are also available at WG in ELNEC’s prices. Because the adapters’ portfolio is continuously changing and it’s not possible to follow it on our web, please order adapters on base of original ELNEC site.

Two types of ZIF sockets are applied in adapters open-top or clam-shell. Each has advantages and weaknesses as in comparison below.




Number of open/close cycles per one programming



Life time



Time consuming of open/close cycle



Way of operation

absorbing two hands

absorbing one hand




To reduce costs, when only from technical point of view is possible, ELNEC offers 2-modules adapters. Bottom one is an universal socket for a group of devices, where is plugged-in the top module, dedicated also for a certain group of devices – not exactly the same as for bottom one. So, the operator has a free hand to match the numbers of top and bottom modules, buying them independently and taking only into consideration the compatible set is required to program given device. Thanks to that the total costs of programming services can be optimized by planning technological process with criteria that the same modules are used sequentially, not in the same time - it means by reducing numbers of necessary modules. This solution allows also to replace only one module in case of worn out or damaged of the ZIF socket.

To achieve maximum efficiency simultaneously with keeping the lowest costs the compromise is required between:

  • Universality of adapters (wider device coverage – lower number of required adapters)
  • Programming speed (dedicated specialized adapters are quicker

ELNEC to achieve stability and repeatability of programming, it means to maximize yield, offers sometimes specialized dedicated adapters for devices that theoretically could be programmed within universal ones. It takes place in so called “difficult” cases when keeping device programming parameters and timings is critical. This is a result of manufacturer’s experience and honesty.