(ELNEC 60-0062)


(ELNEC 60-0062)
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BeeHive304 (ELNEC 60-0062) is 4-site, ultra-fast, universal 4 x 64‑pin drive ELNEC's concurrent programmer focused on high-capacity memories.

Main features of BeeHive304 programmer:

  • 4 independent universal programming sites based on BeeProg3 core in one unit
  • 70,240 supported devices from 343 manufacturers by Bad:version039 version of software
  • ZIF sockets not included - available as optional accessories
  • programming process can be started on each site immediately upon devices insertion and realized concurrently
  • dedicated for high demand desktop programming and automated programming systems
  • a state of the art FPGA design, powerful ARM processor and internal SSD, is ready to program devices at theoretically possible speed
  • 4 x 64-pins rich-features, precise and powerful pin drivers provides programming signals for every technology of programmable devices
  • ESD protection on each pin of the pin driver
  • logic signals frequency up to 125MHz at 3.3V and 80MHz at 5V
  • supports devices with VCC voltages as low as 0.8V
  • ultra-fast programming speed, one of the fastest programmers worldwide - programming speed greater than 22.5 MB/sec, the 2 GB eMMC NAND Flash programmed in less than 100 sec.
  • it utilizes both universal programming modules, dedicated for IC package type and specialized modules, designed optimized for specific device families
  • dual interface: USB (2.0 High-Speed) and LAN (100 Mbit)
  • 3 years warranty