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JTAG Live is the easy-to-use and extremely economic printed circuit board debug tool. JTAG Technologies has used its experience to create an all-new, low-cost tools suite accessible to every engineer and technician involved in PCB debug and test.

Underneath the skin of JTAG Live is the power of boundary-scan, capitalizing on the built-in test resources in many of the chips on your board. But to use JTAG Live, the users don't need to know anything about boundary-scan, because that part is just done for you.

JTAG’s staff as hardware designers themselves, knows the pressures facing today's electronic engineers designing a new product that's highly functional and meets strict cost and reliability objectives. Of quickly. With the JTAG Live tools this just became a much easier.course, designers have to be sure to get prototypes up and running.

JTAG Live is offered in two groups of products: