Electrical Signals Management

Manta Systems manufactures and offers a NanoPlex™ Series of Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexers. They are applied at electronic production lines when memories or microcontrollers mounted on PCB boards have to be programmed. NanoPlex is the low-cost alternative solution to extend number of available ISP (In System Programming) channels. It allows, instead of buying expensive multi-channel programmers or more single channel units, to switch signals between several modules on the paneled PCB board or independent ones and program them sequentially. It’s compatible with an all ISP programmers. It can be also easy applied with any customize specialized solution as an universal relay multiplexer/demultiplexer.

About Manta Systems

Manta Systems is a Italian leading company in the field of electrical signals management for In System Programming (ISP) and Testing Systems. The company targets the electronic boards assembly market, where a high number of connections is required while testing and device programming.