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Embossed Carrier Tapes


Embossed carrier tape provides protection to integrated circuits and other devices from physical and electro-static discharge (ESD) damage during shipping and storage. Carrier tape is widely used for presenting devices to pick-and-place machines for automatic placement onto printed circuit boards.

ADVANTEK's carrier tape can incorporate containment features found in more expensive shipping media. This provides fragile devices — such as QFP's, chip scale packages and bare die — protection from physical abuse.

Included in our line of carrier tape is ADVANTEK SFTTM, our Sharp Form Tape for precision applications, which can be processed in a clean-room environment. Near-vertical sidewall draft angles help prevent part migration as well as abrasion caused by contact with device edges. SFT TM pocket bottoms are flat to provide horizontal device confinement and presentation to pick-and-place equipment.

Punched Carrier Tapes


SURFTAPE® is a unique form of punched carrier tape where the component is placed on a sticky backing within a compartment boundary. The adhesive base securely holds devices in the position they are placed until it is removed, eliminating the need for cover tape.

SURFTAPE® is designed to conform to many international engineering standards: EIA 481, EIA 747, IEC 60286-3, and JIS C 0806.

Benefits provided:

  • No X, Y, or 0 movement: Components remain securely in tape cavities, exactly as placed, until picked. No theta correction required.
  • No tooling charge: Many different size die can fit into one of the many standard SURFTAPE® sizes.
  • Adhesive is compatible with COB and SMT: Adhesive base contains no halogens, or contaminants, so is totally compatible with SMT and Bare Die components.
  • No Cover Tape: Since the parts adhere to the PSA, there is no need for cover tape. Eliminating cover tape to breaks, tear, or 'spikes' during peel back.
Cover Tapes


Cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to hold the devices in the pockets. ADVANTEK offers a full range of heat activated and pressure sensitive cover tapes to deliver desired sealing results. Because many surface-mount components need protection from ESD, we provide cover tapes with anti-static properties, creating an ESD-safe environment inside the pocket of the carrier tape. Many of our cover tapes provide exceptional clarity for in-pocket lead inspection and the strength needed for high speed throughput.

Transport Reels


To prevent damage to devices during shipping and storage, loaded carrier tape is typically wound onto a plastic take-up reel. Available in 7", 13", 15" and 22" diameters, ADVANTEK's LOKREEL® products are made from high-impact injection-molded polystyrene (HIPS), offering exceptional mechanical and ESD protection to packaged devices. Every ADVANTEK LOKREEL® has a large flange area for increased label space. Several 13" reel options are available to meet a variety of price/performance needs.

Protective Bands


Bands provide additional protection for components packed in carrier tape and wound on a reel.

PROBANDSTM are slightly wider than the carrier tape and protect the components by fully covering the carrier tape on the reel. LOKBANDS® attach to the outer edges of the reel, adding extra strength to the package. both bands have anti-static properties that provide ESD protection.

Barrier Bags


ADVANTEK's STATLOK® (static shielding) and DRYLOK® (moisture barrier and static shielding) bags are specifically designed for the safe packaging of static-, dust- and moisturesensitive devices.



ADVANTEK VAPLOKTM Desiccants protect moisture-sensiive devices by absorbing airborne moisture particles which may be present inside a moisture barrier bag after vacuum packaging.

Meets EIA Std. 583 and MIL-D-3464, Type I and II. Desiccant material can be either Clay or Silica Gel.

Humidity Indicator Cards


ADVANTEK Humidity Indicator Cards (HICs) provide a low-cost method of indicating humidity conditions inside a moisture barrier bag after vacuum packaging. The indicator spots on the HICs change color with changes in humidity – providing information about conditions within the packaging system.

Meets MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II and JEDEC standards. Cobalt DiChloride Free versions meeting EU REACH directives available.