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Socket Modules


Socket Modules and socket cards are the electro-mechanical interface between the programmable semiconductor device and the programmer. BPM offers a substantial number of socket modules and socket cards to support thousands of devices in different packages from over 190 semiconductor manufacturers. New socket module and socket card designs are continuously added and can be developed quickly to meet your programming needs. Following modules types are available:

  • Single-socket standard modules
  • Single-socket high-speed FX modules
  • Multi-sockets high-speed FX2 & FX4 modules
  • High insertion count socket modules
  • Universal socket modules
  • Single-socket high-speed FVE modules
  • Multi-sockets high-speed FVE2 & FVE4 modules

The big advantage of the most BPM’s modules is receptacle interface between the printed circuit board and the socket. This allows to replace only the individual consumable socket once it reaches its useful life. All these has proven to extend the life of the socket module and socket card, producing higher yields and lowering programming cost per device especially in mass production. Also applying in multi-socket modules of individual replacement socket daughter cards reduces costs of their replacement.


Lever Socket Actuator


Lever Socket Actuator with integrated Universal Pressure Plate is designed to complement 1- and 2-sites manual programmer products. With its precision self-locking lever, the operator can consistently actuate the sockets while placing and removing devices. This minimize fatigue from opening and closing sockets by hand as well as minimize the potential for bent pins on programmable devices. Smooth operations extend sockets’ lifetime. So applying of Lever Socket Actuator reduces costs per device.


Single Line Tube Feeder


Single Line Tube Feeder is a solution for small parts fed from tubes to the automated programming systems. Specific interchangeable tooling for the Single Lane Tube Feeder/Loader is currently available for 8 pin SOIC, TSSOP, MSOP and 6 pin TSOC devices. These feeders can be used on both 3000 or 4000 series automated programming systems. On one machine multiple base units of this peripheral can be mounted for expanded handling potential up to 12 feeder/loader combinations.


Tube Stacker


Tube Stacker allows to load tubes to gravity or vibratory feeders while the job is running without stopping the handler, it means when the machine is empty or partially-filled. So the operator can spend more time away from the machine performing other tasks.


TS-1500 Tray Stacker


TS-1500 Tray Stacker automatically loads and unloads trays of integrated circuits to support automated device programming process. With the capacity to handle up to 24 JEDEC trays between operator service intervals and ability to add and remove trays without stopping the process, the TS-1500 is a valuable complement to BPM’s 3000 and 4000 series.



X-STREAM is a series of precise tape input peripheral for BPM Microsystems 3000 and 4000 series automated programming systems. It offers a broad range of feeder sizes, from 8 mm to 56 mm. proven 2 mm pitch support made it ready for the smallest devices. Is compatible with BPWin control software.


TM-50 MK2

TM-50 MK2 is a taping equipment that works as an output peripheral of automated programming systems . It packs programmed devices to embossed tapes preparing them for farther automatic assembly. High quality of the machine guarantee regularity of the process.


Laser Marker

Laser Marker is offered as an option for 3000 and 4000 series automated programming systems. It is able to quickly and reliably laser mark up to 3 lines of 15 characters each on most programmable devices. Settings can be easily configure within BPWin software. Laser marker improves a lot traceability and quality control of programmed devices.