Control Software
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one common software for all programmers


PG4U (ProGrammer for you) is comfortable and easy to use control software for all ELNEC’s programmers, which works with all versions of MS Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8 64-bit. Software is regularly updated and each new version is immediately published on web. For all users it is available free of charge during the whole programmers lifetime.

The software for ELNEC programmers consists of PG4UW (Windows) basic control program and PG4UWMC (Multiprogramming Control) multi-site programming driver. The first one is used for project settings and single site programming. The second is usable with all ELNEC Concurrent Programmers and 48-pins Universal Programmers in multiprogramming production mode.

Software is available on web in two versions - Regular and OnDemand. Regular one is released approximately every 4-6 weeks and includes support of all new chips done from previous regular version, all significant improvements and new features. In average, ELNEC is adding support of 626 new devices per each new version of regular software. OnDemand versions are released on customers’ demand, often daily within few hours from request. It covers new devices support, software improvements and bug fixes. OnDemand version of the software is fully functional, without any limitations. The difference between Regular and OnDemand versions of the software is only in the influence to the lists of supported chips. The search database of Elnec web site is updated only at the time of Regular version release. OnDemand versions of the software are released for Elnec multi-site programmers and universal 48-pins programmers only.

Software features:

  • standard operations with buffer and device
  • security features: insertion test, signature-byte check
  • Fspecial features: serialization, complex statistics, automatic confirmation of operation, remote control, JTAG daisy chain, etc.
  • complex device information: package dimensions, ISP connection info, part number info, detailed notes for more complicated devices, etc.
  • all well-know data formats supported
  • multilanguage interface: Slovak, English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
  • only manufacturer approved or certified algorithms used
  • Windows and online help

BeeProg3/BeeProg2/BeeProg2C Multiprogramming Mode allows to connect up to 8 programmers to one host PC. In such configuration all programmers can work simultaneously and independently – can even program different chips if necessary. This mode is the way for extension of existing facilities based on single-site programmers or for growing up the programming system with the growth of production volumes.