Microcontroller Programmers

Microcontroller Programmers as specialized programmers for writing memories are practically replaced by universal programmers.

Some competitors are still offering simple low-cost programmers dedicated to the selected microcontrollers family. Sometimes such equipment is offered directly by the silicon vendors. But dynamic growth of microcontrollers’ market justifies investment in more prospective, universal solution. We shouldn’t reduce our interests to currently used microcontroller type.

The last specialized programmers dedicated to selected microcontroller family we have in our portfolio are ISP programmers FlashRunner II and Flashrunner III from SMH Technologies. They are dedicated for long term fixed production. If frequent changes of applied microcontroller are foreseen, we recommend universal solution.

WG Electronics is supporting customers on base of over 25 years of our own experience in developing, production and distribution of device programmers and on base of experience of our partners – lead manufacturers of programing equipment.