Automatic Taping Equipment


TM-400 series offers a simple and compact automated taping system. Designed as a table-top machine, an optional stand is available. Each machine in the series specializes in a particular input- tube, tray, bowl or open module for OEM use. A 2D vision over tape verification system ensures components are correctly oriented. Set up is simple via a touch screen interface, minimizing time and operator interaction to ensure fast, dependable and accurate operations.



TM-500 automated component handler with tray, tube, bowl or tape input/output options. The advantages of the equipment are:

  • Optional processes include 3D coplanarity inspection, 3D BGA inspection, 2D vision inspection, programming, electrical testing, mark inspection and orientation
  • Universal adjustable heat and PSA sealer
  • Empty pocket detection, Jam-in-track detection, and low cover/carrier detection options
  • Operator Touch screen interface
  • Max UPH-4500
  • Reject to tray or bulk of bin sort


HAWK is a turret-based processing system capable of taping small devices up to 22k UPH. It is also designed as an easily configurable system allowing for up to 5 independent processes prior to reject binning and tape output. With its servo-controlled vertical motion, the Hawk is able to run todays delicate parts through multiple processes with precise acceleration/deceleration as needed. The Hawk can be converted easily between different input media and part size as determined by configuration.