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JTAG ProVision Platform

JTAG ProVision Platformis a reduced functionality interface of the described above full ProVision System that can be used for production testing. ProVision Platform is available for test execution only, flash ISP only, PLD ISP only and of course as any combination of these.

JTAG ProVision Platform licence includes the capability to extract ProVision development archives, execute applications and review test results in the familiar TTR (Truth Table Report) format and optionally BSD.

JTAG ProVision Platform is ideal as a low-cost run-time solution allowing users to open existing ProVision projects or project archives. Using the built-in AEX sequencer test engineers can build-up sequences of boundary-scan test and programming applications. The addition of conditional branching instructions (if, then else, goto etc.) along with user instruction pop-ups means that ProVision Platform can satisfy most test sequencing requirements. ProVision Platform as a networked licence can also provide access to the generation aspects of a full ProVision 'seat' effectively providing a second software seat at low cost.



PSA(Production Stand Alone) package has, for many years, been the standard execution system operated in CEM and OEM factories when an independant boundary-scan test or programming station is required. Using PSA, test engineers can build sequences of applications in the built-in AEX (Application EXecutive) manager using conditional branching instructions (if, then, else, goto). Sequence builders can also include additional capabilities through DOS/Win command line calls, create serial number logged test reports, export tests results to a database etc.. PSA includes drivers for all JTAG Technologies controller hardware past or present.

PSA system is ideal as a low-cost factory run-time solution allowing users to open existing AEX manager sequences or to create new sequences from a set of test and ISP applications.


  • Seamless links to JTAG Technologies boundary-scan diagnostics
  • Password restricted entry for operators, engineers and sequence developers
  • System call feature allows control of external instruments or data processing


PIP(Production Integration Package) is ideal for use in custom test or programming applications or for integrating into existing test platform. Allows to create low-cost stand-alone test systems to own requirements and specifications. It provides a range of generic compilers for Microsoft and others to the test oriented front ends such as National Instruments' LabView and TestStand.

For C/C++ there is PIP/DLL, for .NET framework systems such as Visual C, Visual Basic etc. we offer PIP/.NET and for older VB compilers PIP/VB. There's even a DOS/Win command line execution package called PIP/EXE. Each PIP package includes full capability to load and launch applications to test and program boards on our DataBlaster or Explorer families of IEEE Std. 1149.1 boundary-scan controllers.



BSD(Production Stand Alone) software can be added to either developer or factory run-time systems to further improve the location of faults such as net bridges (short-circuits), open pins, open nets and even 'twisted' connections that can occur within cable assemblies. BSD test diagnostics reports faults in a verbose English language statement with pin level information included and can easily interpret multiple fault conditions.

Additional capability can be added to the test diagnostics package through the use of fault dictionaries that can be created for functional logic (cluster tests). These can help pin-point faults that may occur deep within a functional logic block. Test diagostics is the ideal complement to the TTR (Truth Table Reporter) system that is included in our ProVision developer suite and also PIPs (Production Integration Packages). BSD is a standard feature of the Symphony family of run-time systems that have been developed to allow JTAG Technologies applications to be executed on third party ATE systems.

Ideal bolt-on to production systems and rework and repair stations. In networked environments BSD can be shared across multiple execution systems thus reducing costs.


  • Includes 'fault dictionary' feature for custom cluster test diagnostics
  • Describes faults with full pin numbering and net name information
  • Distinguishes pin stuck-at, net stuck-at, bridging (short circuit) and net twist (swapped lines) faults

NI Support

National Instruments software tools are commonly used within the electronics industry to create experimental set-ups in design environments or functional test systems in production environments. JTAG Technologies Production Integration Packages offer a very simple high-level method to include boundary-scan tests and/or device programming applications to these set-ups. Using the digital test power of boundary-scan with analog measuring or stimulus instruments allows engineers to cross the boundaries into mixed signal testing with ease.

As a long-standing alliance partner with National Instruments, JTAG Technologies is able to offer a wide range of high-level integration options for the National Instruments' control and test executive packages - TestStand, LabView and LabWindows/CVi. As part of PIPs (Production Integration Packages) family National Instruments support options have enabled customers to seamlessly and reliably integrate high-quality boundary-scan applications into their test and device programming sequences.