Stand-alone Device Programmers

Stand-alone programmers don’t require host supervising PC for operation. They work independently storing settings and programming data as jobs or coping pattern device. They hold these data when power is switched off or failed. The simple instruments can only initiate programming with a button on programmer housing and show the status on LEDs. The most advanced solutions have integrated graphical user interface implemented for example on the touch screen and build-in Flash memory or SD card as mass memory. Usually they have an option to be connected to the host for example for entry setups but it’s not necessary during normal work. It’s clear that automated programming systems belong to this class of equipment.

Usually manual and also automated equipment after making setups by experienced staff can be operated by not qualified employees.

WG Electronics as an authorized distributor of worldwide known brands - manufacturers of device programmers, invites you to visit web pages dedicated to the offer of our partners in area of stand-alone programmers.

•  In-Socket programmers

•  Automated programmers

•  SD cards and USB sticks copiers

WG Electronics is supporting customers on base of over 25 years of our own experience in developing, production and distribution of device programmers and on base of experience of our partners – lead manufacturers of programing equipment.